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Tintin is holidaying with Snowy in the Mediterranean. They bump into film director – Rastapopulous and eccentric Egyptologist – Sarcophagus. Two of Tintin’s policemen friends – Thompson and Thomson accuse Tintin of running drugs, forcing Tintin to escape from the ship and join Sarcophagus in his  search of Egyptian tombs.  The two discover the tomb and Tintin makes a strange discovery he finds that the tomb is full. of cigars with an unknown symbol. Tintin & Sarcophagus fall unconscious after an unseen enemy drugs them with  gas. They find themselves aboard a ship inside coffins . The ship is captained by the drug smuggler Allan – but danger does not leave Tintin as Allan orders Tintin and Snowy to be thrown overboard. Caught in the Devil and the deep sea, they are rescued by a gun-smuggler! The gun-runner sails them to Arabia (Saudi)  Travelling by land, Tintin meets Sheikh Patsh Pasha, a big fan of his, and again meets  Rastapopoulos filming a movie. By a series of mishaps and bad luck the  local army forcibly enlists Tintin, to arrest him as a spy!  Thompson and Thomson rescue Tintin, so that they may arrest him again.

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Tintin again manages to escape from this situation by commanding an airplane,but unfortunately his plane runs out of fuel over India and crashes deep in the jungles of Gaipajama.  He also discovers Sarcophagus, who has become completely mad, as a  result of being injected with Rajaijah juice, “the poison of madness”.

Tintin is hypnotised by a fakir and made prisoner in an asylum, which he soon escapes.  Tintin becomes friends Meeting the Maharaja of Gaipajama, the two become friends .The Maharaja reveals that his family has long been fighting a criminal opium-smuggling gang. The fakir appears and Tintin follows him, discovers the gang’s hiding place and captures all the gang members.

Tintin recognises their symbol; it is the same symbol which  had appeared on the cigars during his  trip in  Egypt  and realises that the gang was operating out of Egypt and Arabia and that the opium was smuggled through the cigars.  The fakir escapes, and with the  unknown leader of the gang kidnaps the Maharaja’s son. Tintin pursues them in a  car, rescuing the boy and capturing the fakir, while the leader falls int off a cliff. Tintin returns to Gaipajama, where he is celebrated as a hero.

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Tintin – The cigars of Pharaoh
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