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Amish Tripathi

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The secret of the Nagas is the second part in the Naga Series by Amish Tripathi. For reading about the first book, click here.  The story takes from where it was left in the first book. Shiva rushes to save his wife from the Nagas – the suspected killer of Brhaspati.  However, the Naga escapes leaving behind him some coins and seals which are very strange.  Shiva comes to know that the coins belong to King Chandraketu, who rules the kingdom of Branga, somewhere in eastern India. Shiva and Sati go to Kashi, to get help from a small group of Brangas, who know a lot  about the Nagas.  Both of them are also accompanied by Shiva’s comrades ( Nandi, Veerbhadra, Parvateshwar).

They are also accompanied by Anandmayi and Bhagirath – the princess and prince of Ayodhya.  Parvateshwar is mortally wounded in a commotion while trying to  make peace in a riot. He is given medicine by  the Branga leader and is healed. Ayurwati tells Shiva that the herbs in the medicine are avaialble only at Panchavati – which is also the capital of the Nagas. Shiva also comes to know from the Brangas that a plague is destroying their population. As a quid pro quo – the nagas in return for the Branga Cooperation are offering them the herbs.  Shiva decides to travel to Branga, but is advised that the journey will require  six months to commence – they would require special boats. Shiva is determined nevertheless to go there.

As the ships are being constructed, Sati gives birth to Kartik (Karthikeya)

The journey to Branga starts, with Sati staying back at Kashi to assist the king in   a lion attack against the villagers.  Sati and her soldiers fight gallantly, but as their defeat looks certain, they are helped by Naga soldiers – led by a man and woman. Surprises are in store for Sati as the woman reveals herself to be Kali, the deformed twin sister of Sati and the man reveals himself to be Ganesh, Sati’s son,  whom Sati believes has died at childbirth. Both are victims of misfortune they have been left to their miseries  by Daksha due to their deformities. They are brought back to Kashi by Sati and all wait for Shiva’s arrival.

Meanwhile at Branga, Shiva comes to know that the only person who can concoct the medicine is a person named Parshuram – a recluse who kills any person that goes  near him.Shiva and his men defeat Parashuram but come to know that Parshuram is comes to know that he is a Vasudev,  the clan of wise men who have been helping Shiva in his journey.

Parashuram is also surprised to see Shiva as Neelkanth and as a penance for fighting Shiva,  he  chops off his left hand. He gives the prescription  of the medicine to the people of Branga and leaves for Kashi with Shiva. At Kashi, Shiva is introduced to Ganesh and Kali by Sati.

Shiva also  recognizes Ganesh as the Naga who tried to attack  Sati and also as the person who mortally injured.  Brahaspati. Severely angered, Shiva leaves Sati and decides to stay  at the Branga locality. One day while playing with Kartik , three lions attack them and Ganesh becomes severely injured while attempting to save  Kartik.

 A remorseful Shiva forgives Ganesh and together with Sati, confronts Daksha, who confesses to murdering Sati’s first husband and denouncing Kali and Ganesh. Daksha blames Shiva for causing distrust between him and Sati. Shiva is   disgusted with Daksha’s deeds,  and banishes him from Kashi.

Shiva decides to travel to Panchavati under the guidance of Kali  to the Naga capital. While traveling they are attacked from the river side by an armada  of ships containing  weapons of mass destruction known as Daivi Astra. Shiva and Sati evade the attack and reach Panchavati.  Shiva and Sati suspect Daksha to be behind the attack. Kali takes Shiva to a nearby school in the capital, where she believes that the greatest secret of the Nagas lies. There in a classroom, Shiva finds Brahaspati, perfectly alive and teaching a class. To be continued..

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The Secret of the Nagas
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