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पुस्तक समीक्षा – अच्युत गोडबोले ह्यांची गणिती – Pleasantreads book review

Submitted originally by – Mr Ramakant Kulkarni – Retd. General Manager – NABARD[National bank for Agriculture and Rural Development] “गणिती” हे अच्युत  गोडबोले व माधवी ठाकूर देसाई या लेखकद्वयीनी लिहिलेले पुस्तक नुकतेच वाचले. या पूर्वी अच्युत गोडबोलेंची तीन पुस्तके मी वाचलेली होती :  किमयागार, बोर्डरूम व मुसाफिर ! जगातल्या अनेक ग्रंथांचा धांडोळा घेऊन जास्तीत जास्त सोप्या […]

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Pleasantreads Book review:Semmanthaka- The second Quest by Dr.Sydney Kishore

When I started reading Dr. Sydney Kishore’s, “Semmanthaka-The Second Quest” I did not know what to expect, frankly. I have read all sorts of treasure hunt related books and movies. National Treasure, starring Nicolas Cage is the best example. Bollywood also had a go at it, with two dastardly samples to its credit-  Rudraksh and […]

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