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Sudeep Nagarkar is the author of 9 books which have been best-sellers. Sudeeps’ first novel, Few Things left unsaid was published in 2011. Since then he has not looked back. His novel, It Started with a friend request was the most popular fiction book of 2013, as per Amazon India. Sudeep’s latest novel, Our Story Needs no Filter hit the book-stores on 28th July 2017. I had an opportunity to talk to Sudeep recently. The excerpts of the conversation are as per below.

Pleasantreads : Hi Sudeep, please tell our readers about Sudeep  Nagarkar, the man.

I am an  engineer by profession and writer by passion. However, after writing two books I realized that I should pursue my passion as my profession. And thus I decided to quit my full-time job and take writing full-time. I even completed my management studies but writing always remained my first love . Its been six years since then and I have already written nine books till now. Our story needs no filter is my latest offering to the readers.

Pleasantreads :  Your Wiki Page says that you left a full-time job to pursue a career in writing. How has the shift been so far? Any challenges?

Ofcourse, it was not an easy task but I believed in myself as I never felt  that I was meant for 9 to 5 job. But taking creative field as full-time career is always challenging as we still live in stereotype society where people expect you to go out of your house to earn something. Even if you are earning in lakhs and sitting at home you are still titled as “Jobless”. After a point I decided not to convince anyone rather just go with the flow and let time decide my fate. Touchwood it worked as I never went back to my engineering job.

Pleasantreads:Can you tell our readers about your inspiration behind writing?

There was no inspiration in particular but I always feel motivated by the people around me and their stories.

Pleasantreads:What is your process behind writing a book? Do you do any research or you take a pen to a diary / laptop and just write on?

I do research about the character traits and story line along with the message that I want to convey through a particular book. However, when I start writing I know the first word that I am going to write and even the last word.

Pleasantreads :What is the typical time required to write your book?

Around  4 Months. Ofcourse deciding a plot and the main theme is an ongoing process at the back of my mind even when I am into events.

Pleasantreads: Your Latest book, Our Story needs no Filter has launched recently. Tell us something about the book.

This book is very different than my previous ones which focus on friendship love and romance. Though even in this book you will find the backdrop of friendship but it focuses on the untold stories of universities across India. Especially JNU.  I always wanted to write about the preaching done in universities but was waiting for the right time. But during 2016 JNU protests, when I saw many innocent students blindly following the false preaching, I made my mind to pen down the other side of the story! Set in this elaborate socio-political milieu, my new book ‘Our Story Needs No Filter’ through a contemporary tale of friendship, reveals how students are manipulated and are tossed as victim cards just for securing vote banks! It not only explores the dark side of relationships, pursuit of power & the hypocrisy of the politics but also filters out the agenda of anti nationals and pseudo seculars of our nation!

Pleasantreads:What was the thought process behind the book?

As I said, I wanted to pen down the other side of the story. I personally feel that media showcased only one side of the entire episode of JNU protests in which they titled Kanhaiya Kumar & co as revolutionaries. If you ask me, they should be termed as terrorists. If a person with gun who threatens innocent people is called a terrorist then even students like Kanhaiya, Sheila Rashid, Umar Khalid etc who are converting knowledge hubs into dens of separatism and anti national activities should be declared as terrorists.

Communists who wear Humanity and Freedom of Expression on sleeves have employed incredible violence to achieve their ends. To manipulate students through their stories are their main agenda and cleverly the left academics have done ethnic-cleansing of any other contrary view in all major national campuses in Social sciences. They only see one thing when they looked at a student, a vote! Level of hypocrisy is that students’ organization like SFI & AISA talk against casteism, but openly go for caste-based campaigning to get votes in students’ elections. Hostel students are kept as parasites and all the wrong ideologies are fed into their minds.

To bring a positive change in the society, we need to bring that change within ourselves. They make us believe that we are divided by caste and in desperation of representing a particular caste, we forget that we are humans first. To eradicate discrimination, we should throw out pseudo seculars like Kanhaiya form the campuses.  The book exposes such pseudo seculars through a contemporary tale of friendship where the main protagonist Raghu is manipulated to believe in wrong ideologies.

Pleasantreads: Sudeep, the title of the Book, “Our story needs no Filter” is very catchy and very thought-provoking. How did you come up the Idea for this?

We had shortlisted around a dozen of titles for this one but I wanted a title which will sum up the story and do justice to the theme. At the same time it should appeal to the youth of today. Thus came words like Story and Filters as social media these days are full of stories. Instagram stories, Facebook stories, Snapchat stories etc. As the book tells you that we should eradicate wrong ideologies completely, the title justifies that one should filter out the anti nationals!

Pleasantreads: So,what does Sudeep  do in his spare time?

I recently got married and in my spare time I take my wife on date at different places in Mumbai as she belongs from Delhi. Also we keep debating whether Mumbai is better or Delhi. Ha ha! 🙂

Pleasantreads:Which is you favourite book / movie and why?

For some reason, my favourite movie is Rang De Basanti. I can watch it the whole day! It’s difficult to name one favourite book from my entire library but ‘Not without my daughter’ inspired me the most.

Pleasantreads: If you had to describe yourself in one word – which word would you choose?

Lovable! 😉

Pleasantreads:Any advice which you would like to give to our readers @Pleasantreads – young and old?

Just keep reading original content! I hope readers of Pleasant reads will love my latest book ‘Our Story Needs No Filter’.

Pleasantreads:Any advice for young wannabe authors?

Be patient during the writing process and calculating when you submit your manuscript to publishers as it’s your hard work.

Thank you Sudeep! It was Lovely Talking to you. We wish you all the best for the success of your book.
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Pleasantreads presents in conversation with Sudeep Nagarkar!
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