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Book review : Sitanshu by Anita Shirodkar

About the Author

Anita Shirodkar is  a student of Applied Art and has  spent 20 years as an Art Director and in her ways has spent them looking for creative ways to sell everything from colas to candy and ice creams to face creams. She has had a rich advertising career till the claims of motherhood became more demanding than the excitement of the ad world, and I decided to spend more time at home with her  daughter and son. She is creative consultant to Tamarind Tours, a Destination Management Company, which allows her to fulfil her passion for travelling. In her creative pursuits, she discovered a whole new world in fiction. Her first novel was published four years ago, and she has since written four more. She divides her time in Mumbai and Dubai.

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About the book

Sitanshu is the second story in the Guardians of Blue Lotus series by Anita Shirodkar. The setting for the story is Ancient India and the genre is fantasy fiction. It is the second part of the book Aryavir.

The story is about Sitanshu, an Ashtradhari and Aryavir’s  friend, who was the protagonist in the first book.

In Sitanshu’s kingdom, the blue lotus Indivara is the forbearer of problems and hence considered an omen.  Sitanshu and his friends are preparing for battle against Chandraketu King Divyendu among other things. Added to the mix are the wily king Kratu and the machiavellian Mayakar Queen Tamasi.  The Old World is in danger and it is now upto Sitanshu and Aryavir  to save their kingdom.

Since the book is a second part[which I confess have not read], the author begins with a prologue which helps in setting the tone of the story and help with character familiarisation.

The story shifts between different characters to provide the “World on a page view”. This helps the reader to understand the myriad on-goings of the Old World.

The author has handled characterization very well and they all take the plot further as things unfold in front of your eyes. The narrative is in the third person and  compliments the story writing style quite nicely.

The book has a lot of action and paranormal sightings add to the mystique. Palace politics also play their part here, which seem to test relationships amongst the characters. Love happens in the least expected place. Eashwari is a pivotal character in the book – which I am sure you would find quite fascinating. The author is an expert on bringing in plot twists and this keeps the reader quite hooked.

The author introduces the War zone theme which helps in introducing female characters who are quite bold. This is a unique them and must be applauded.

The theme of war zone used by the author also leads to a few bold female characters. This is a bigger improvement itself for the Indian literature. Overall, the storyline is well thought and constructed.
Sitanshu pays homage to India’s magnificent mythological heritage and takes the reader on a  whirl-wind of human passions.

The book cover is superbly designed and it seems that the Author has used her graphic design experience to full advantage.

The language of the book is simple and crisp. The author maintains a steady pace making sure that the reader does not behind in the maze of characters.

I am sure that there is trilogy and it will be well anticipated – I am sure.

Overall it is definitely a good read and if you are a mythological fan fiction lover then you should definitely go for it.

Overall score: 4.5/5.

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