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Dear Readers, you must know Christopher C Doyle as the author of the Bestseller books: The Mahabharata Quest, The Mahabharata Secret , A secret revealed and The Secret of the Druids.

Christopher is an IIM Calcutta graduate and also runs a firm for training high level Corporate Executives

But who is the man behind this? Recently, I had a golden opportunity to interact with him. Since Christopher is a busy man and meeting him was difficult, he was kind enough to do a question-answer round for me.

Here is a sneak-peek into the same. Pleasant Reading!

Pleasant Reads:Hi Christopher, please tell our readers when did you start writing?

Chris:I have been writing since my school days and continued to write in college and even while working, though I focused more on articles on business management and leadership during my career in the corporate sector. I started writing in earnest as an author in 2006, when I began writing my first book, The Mahabharata Secret.

Pleasant Reads:Please tell us about your inspiration for writing books specifically focusing on retelling of our legends.

Chris:I don’t retell any legends. My books are original works of fiction and are action oriented, adventure thrillers, with mystery and suspense wrapped around a blend of history, mythology and science. What I do is connect, using historical and scientific facts, mythology and science through a fictional story. I began my first book as a story for my daughter in 2006. Over the course of two years, it developed into a story that was eventually published as The Mahabharata Secret.

Pleasant Reads:It is quite evident that you would need to do some extensive research on the topics. Can you please explain to our readers your process for deciding to write on a particular topic and your research process?

Chris:I usually start by taking a specific event, concept or episode from the Mahabharata which I want to write about. In The Mahabharata Secret, it was a concept mentioned several times; in The Mahabharata Quest – The Alexander Secret, it was the Samudramanthan; in The Mahabharata Quest – The Secret of the Druids, it was an ancient and powerful weapon from the Mahabharata. I then research the relevant scientific discipline – usually either physics or biology – to study cutting edge scientific discoveries that could possibly explain these events, concepts or episodes. After a lot of research, I formulate a scientific hypothesis that is scientifically accurate and also provides a logical explanation, and I then consult an expert in that scientific field to validate my hypothesis. The expert helps me to ensure that I am scientifically accurate and that the hypothesis is plausible. Once that link is established, I research a historical figure whom I would like to connect to the plot. Asoka the Great, Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar have featured in my books. The historical research helps me uncover gaps or mysteries in the historical record, which I then link to the plot using fiction. The final stage is the writing of the “thriller” part of the novel, which is set in modern times and links back to the history and the science through action, adventure, mystery, suspense and intrigue.

Pleasant Reads:  So, any plans for making a movie?

Chris:There are interested parties who would like to adapt my books to movies or television, but nothing is finalized yet.

Pleasant Reads: What is the typical time required to write your book?

Chris:It takes two years to write a book. Most of this time goes in the research; the actual writing does not take too long.

Pleasant Reads:Which is your favorite book and why? [Please name one book written by you and one not written by you]

Chris:My favourite book (written by me) is The Mahabharata Secret – The Secret of the Druids. Among books, I have read, it is difficult to pick a favourite. I read various genres and authors and there are some brilliant books which I have read and loved.

Pleasant Reads:Please tell our readers about your forthcoming books.

Chris:I will be starting a new action-adventure series, which is a thriller set in modern times combining fantasy with Indian mythology. It is a format that has never been seen in India before and will release later in 2017. In the meanwhile, I am working on the research for Book 3 in The Mahabharata Quest series.

Pleasant Reads:If you had to describe yourself in one word – which word would that be and why?


Pleasant Reads:Do you have any spare time and if yes, then what do you do in it?

Chris:I make spare time for my family and for my band, which plays classic western rock music.

Pleasant Reads:Any advice which you would like to give to our readers – young and old?

Chris:That would depend on what advice they would want from me. I am no guru to give unsolicited advice to anyone.

Pleasant Reads:Any advice for young authors?

Chris:Read a lot. And then read some more. Only then should you start writing. That is the road to success.

Pleasant Reads thanks Christopher  Doyle for taking out time from his busy shcedule and doing this. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours!

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  1. The Mahabharata Secret
  2. The Mahabharata Quest: The Alexander Secret
  3. The Secret of the Druids (Mahabharata Quest Series Book 2)

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Pleasant Reads Bytes: In Conversation with Christopher C Doyle
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