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P.S I love You is written by an Irish writer named Cecelia Ahern. Celia Ahern is also the daughter of former Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern. Cecilia Ahern has been published in more than 50countries with nearly twenty‐five million books sold worldwide.

The book stayed on top of the best seller list for nine‐teen weeks. While other novels take months, this book made it to the bestseller list just in a fewweeks.

Readers have appreciated the novel, and most of the criĕcs have found it interesting and intense.

The protagonists include Holly and Gerry ‐ a married couple who fight, laugh and love. They both live inDublin(and so does the author). The story begins with Holly Kennedy, a 29 year old who just became a widow ‐ her husband Gerry, her lover ‐ best friend ‐ occasional fighter has just died because of a braintumor. Holly loses hope and becomes sad ‐ she devoids herself of love, familymembers and friends. But that’s when Holly’s mother gives her an envelope addressed to her, just before Gerry’s death. When she opens the envelope, to her astonishment, she finds tasks for the rest of theyear. That includes March to December.Some of the notes instruct her to buy new clothes, go to shopping, or go on a trip with her best friends, or do something daring, or to find a job for herself ‐ each note ended with the lines ‘P.S. I love you’.
Holly  gradually gets a new job as in charge of advertising , for a new fancy trending magazine. And her friends dragher into parties, and act as encouragement for her. Her parents are also frequently mentiooned, and they all act as a medium of entertainment or humor for the readers. The last note of December tells her not to fear, or be scared to love again.Cecelia Ahern is  adept  at perfectly balancing the grief with equal doses of  humor, so the story doesn’t get boring.  The book describes tragedies which can be  faced by couples and still what keeps them united.A movie has been made on this story, which was very successful, but critically panned.  The movie differs somewhat from the book – Holly recevies the letters by mail and her being American- Irish. I presume this was done mainly to suit the palates of movie going audiences.

The book is inspiring  and tries to bring about the message – hope springs eternal. The book manages to bring out all the emotions in you – happiness, sadness and obviously disappointment as well.

Getting to the business end of this review,

Writing Style:- 4/5

Story :- 4/5

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P.S I love you by Cecilia Ahern
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