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Reclined to the wall in my bedroom, I sat on the cold tiles, looking through the window on the wall opposite to me, I could see the sun rise outside. After a cold night, the daybreak brought glimmers of warmth. I stared into the rising sun, its rays burning my eyes, but I couldn’t look away. It was very peaceful, I have always enjoyed the quietness of the morning. I could feel the footsteps, moving around the room, It was my boyfriend, he walked up to the window closing it, and then turning towards me. I looked into his eyes, and I could only wonder, “How did I fall in love with him?”.

Smoke Shack Pub:

I saw Aarush first time there, muscular, handsome, dark hair, with a perfect set of teeth, and that smirk of his both irritating and attractive at the same time. I was never much of a party girl I prefer my Fridays in pajamas, under my sheets, read my Ian Fleming books. It was a corporate party, and I just can’t wait to leave. Most of my colleagues were busy drinking and others dancing to that irritating noise, they call music. Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder, a waiter there handed me a small note to me and pointed me towards a man at the other corner in a black shirt and blue denim, waving towards me. I turn around and open the crumpled note, in a very clumsy handwriting it was written,


I didn’t wait for long and ask the waiter by my side for a pen, I strike it off and wrote under it,



Delighted with my witty answer, I was again lost in my thoughts. The man, came around and drew a chair beside me and sat there, and said, “Hello Stranger”. I dismissed him over the loud racket of the music. Only that didn’t discourage him, he got nearer to my ears and pronounced, “You are perfect”. I was taken aback by this compliment from a stranger and in a rather bored, and uninterested tone I replied, “So how many girls have you tested this line on”. He smirked and replied, “Only the ones whom I plan to ask out for a dinner tomorrow”. I don’t know what it was his confidence or maybe just because I was just bored being alone in that crowded pub, I smiled and introduced myself, “Alisha”. He replied, “Aarush”. We talked over the loud noise about our dreams, hobbies, work, movies, and a lot of other things. And as I was about to leave, as he stated earlier, he asked me out to a dinner tomorrow. I couldn’t reject him, I agreed to it.


Aarush came closer to me, sat beside me and looked deep into my eyes. I couldn’t see the glare of admiration with which he regards me with on the first day we met, in his eyes. It was not new though, the love he lavished upon me in the beginning few months of our relationship was lacking today. He stared at me, with a smirk on his face. I desired to ask him, “What are you so happy about?”, but I couldn’t.

Last Night:

“It’s been exactly one-year since that night in Smoke Shack today. I prepared this dinner for you. I wanted to forget all the lies you have fed me about your so called late night office meetings, business trip. And all the secrets you have been hiding from me. I knew exactly what you have been up to lately. But am not going to give up on this relationship so easily, the relationship needs compromises, then I am ready to give you another chance, I am going to forgive you. And I chose today to start out afresh.” I thought to myself.

I waited for him, dressed in the red gown he bought me as a present wishing to see that look on his face again, that he had the first time I tried on this dress. And he will fall in love with me again. I would take him with open arms.

Time Passes.

10:00 PM

11:00 PM

12:00 AM

1:00 AM

2:00 AM

3:00 AM

4:00 AM

5:00 AM

At 5:24 AM, finally the door rang, I have already lost all the emotions and feeling by then, the wait had taken a toll on me. I was tired and I just wanted to sleep. As I opened the door, the pungent smell of alcohol hit me, and there stood a man I once loved, struggling to keep his balance. He shoved the door open, I bounded back to redeem myself from the thrust. He came in, closing the door behind him. The look in his eyes scared me. I could see the hatred in his eyes, hatred for me. I turned back and walked towards the bedroom. But as I was about to enter the room, Aarush grabbed my hand, I try to shove off his hands, but he’s too strong. His fingers dig into my skin, leaving bruises on my arms. “Step back”, I said as coldly as possible. I could see that he was enjoying seeing me suffer, from the pain his grip was causing me. He pulled me closer, and then shoved me towards the wall, I stumbled and hit my head on the window pane. My head started bleeding, the collision was powerful enough. I crawled to the wall near to recline my back to it. I saw Aarush, over my dizzy vision, pleased with his action. My wound bled, and slowly my hands and feet starting getting cold, numb. I glanced through the window, the sun was about to rise.

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