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A nearly perfect novel by the award winning writer, John Green, will always have you coming back for more. The Fault in Our Stars is one of John Green’s best rated novels, and has been rated “The Number 1 Best Seller” in the New York list, 2012. The author was born in Indiana, and has a double majors in English. His debut ‘Looking for Alaska’ helped him print his name of the list of the best
authors. John Green also has a YouTube channel,  in collaboration with his brother.His other famous works would include ‘Paper Towns’ and “Romances”.
Fault in Our Stars is  a simple story of two teenagers meeting each other, and falling in love. Thebook has been appreciated by many critics, and was rated as a ‘mustread’novel.  The book revolves around the life of two teenagers, suffering from cancer. ]The story begins with introduction of Hazel Grace, a 16 year old girl suffering from a stage 4thyroid cancer with metastasis  in her lungs. She is alive because of a drug called ‘Phalanxifor’which is a fictional medicine made by the Author. Hazel Grace attends a support group at the basement of a church, which she personally hates, but has to attend because of the pressure from her mother. She has to carry a small oxygen cylinder because,
“Her lungs sucks at being lungs”. She has a pipe connected inside her nose, to keep her up withoxygen.At the support group, she meets Augustus Waters, a 17 year old suffering from osteosarcoma, and has lost his right leg to it, but it was replaced with a prosthetic. Augustus and Hazel have a mutual friendIsaac, who loses his eye sight  as the book continues. As soon as the two main characters meet, there is a
bond between the two, and they both become, friends. What’s intriguing is that, the two main characters call each other with their full names, like “HazelGrace”, and “Augustus Waters” during the course run of the book. The two tell each other to read their favorite books. Augustus tells Hazel to read The Price of Dawn, which is a very violent novel,while Hazel recommends ‘An Imperial Affliction’ . The book plays a very important role in the novel, as the novel ends without a proper conclusion, since the author had gone  reclusive after writing the book. This leads to the two main characters to find the author and later ask him questions, but there is atwist of events and the ‘trip’ to meet the Author becomes a failure.The story is something which will leave a mark on your brain, and as said by Markus Zusak, “You
laugh, you cry and you come back for more”. You would never be bored by this book, no matter howmany times you read it. The only things one can intimidating with this  novel is  the heavy use of tough vocabulary and its  speeches. Seemingly  normal conversations include difficult and complex words, which is unusual. No one talks like that.The story is peppered with  a lot of quotes which are aimed at brining deeper meaning [ They succeed, too]  Some of the quotes from the book are as per below:-
The problem of pain is, it demands to be felt.’ -Augustus Waters.

‘Some infinites are bigger than other infinities’  -HazelGrace,
You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you have some say in who hurts you. And I like my choices’
A movie also has been made on the book, and earned over 307.2$Million. Obviously the movie is not entirely true to the bookish version, but it has been appreciated by its fans and critics alike.

Getting to the business end of this review:-

3.5/5 – Writing Style

4/5 – Story

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The fault in our stars – Book Review
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