Pleasantreads Book review:Semmanthaka- The second Quest by Dr.Sydney Kishore

When I started reading Dr. Sydney Kishore’s, “Semmanthaka-The Second Quest” I did not know what to expect, frankly. I have read all sorts of treasure hunt related books and movies. National Treasure, starring Nicolas Cage is the best example. Bollywood

Pleasantreads Book Review:Mountains to Manhattan

The Indian book market is dominated by you self-help books, romance, coming of age and finding yourself sagas. They are dreary and boring. They do not have any iota of reality and they only pander to the narcissistic social media

Pleasantreads Book Review:Avishi by Saiswaroopa Iyer

I was one of the first few readers to read #Avishi by Saiwaroopa Iyer. In fact, pleasantreads carried a blurb of this book. You can see it here. Saiswaroopa Iyer is an investment analyst turned author. She comes with impressive

Pleasantreads book review:Mahabharata Murders by Arnab Ray

I recently downloaded the Juggernaut app on my mobile phone. Juggernaut boasts of an extensive-book collection, all by Indian Authors.  The objects of my fancy have been  books which claim to possess gore, manic-depresssive villains, obsessive, murderous side-characters and stoned,washed

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