The adventure of the Blue Carbuncle

Read about the Red Headed League here. Read about the Scandal in Bohemia here. It is Christmas and there is big  heist in London.  The Priceless jewel, ” The Blue Carbuncle”has been stolen from the room of the Countess of

Tintin – The cigars of Pharaoh

To Read about Tintin in the land of Soviets click here Tintin is holidaying with Snowy in the Mediterranean. They bump into film director – Rastapopulous and eccentric Egyptologist – Sarcophagus. Two of Tintin’s policemen friends – Thompson and Thomson accuse

Tintin in the land of Soviets

Image Credit : Wikipedia Tintin in Russia is the first comic book in the Tintin Series, written by the Belgian author, Georges Remi, famously known as Herge. The story was created, keeping an anti-communist agenda in mind and targeting Joseph

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