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Paper Towns can be described as a coming of age story. The Novel is written by John Green, whose claim to fame is also that he is the Author of ” The Fault in our stars”Read the review of the book here. The novel has received the  2009 Edgar Award for the best young‐adultbook. John Green was born in Indiana, USA. He also has a degree in English. His debut novel ‘Looking for Alaska’ won the 2006 Printz award.  John Green also has a YouTube channel, on which he vlogs in collaboration with his brother. His other famous works would include “Romances”.
The story is set in the fictional place of Jefferson Park, in Florida. The main characters of this book are Quentin and Margo who are neighbours and also go to the same school as adolescents.  The main story begins with  Margo coming up to Quentin one night and asking him to join him in an insane vengeance plan against some people she really hates from her high school days.  Margo is  described as a really popular girl and an extrovert who does what she wants, on the contrary Quentin is laid back and introverted.  Quentin helps her by being an accomplice in Margo’s plans and wonders if they will hang out together. Clearly, he is developing feelings for Margo. The next day when Quentin reaches the school, he realizes that Margo  has  disappeared without a trace. Her parents file up a missing report in the police even.  Desperate, Quentin finds a series of clues (which Margo leaves for Quentin) and hints which point to an abandoned mall. Quentin, is now unsure whether Margo has committed suicide or has fled somewhere, tired of her life.  Eventually, the  clues  lead Quentin to believe that Margo may be hiding in one of the fake pseudo-divisions in Florida.  On the day of his graduation, Quentin and his friends get some clues that Margo may be hiding in the fictional town of Agloe, somewhere in New York. He is able to track Margo Down, finally in an old and dilapidated barn. Margo’s initial reaction towards Quentin and his friends is of shock, which in turn angers them, given the fact that they tried so hard to find her. His friends leave and spend the night in a motel. Quentin is angry with Margo, since he feels that Margo has wasted his time. Margo rebuffs him by telling him that he tracked her only because he wanted to be her ” Knight in Shining Armour”.

Quentin finally realises the folly of his ways. Margo invites Quentin to join her in New York, but Quentin realises that he has responsibilities at home, decides to go back. The story ends with Margo promising Quentin that she will be in touch with him.

Throughout the book, the concept of Paper Towns is mentioned several times.  A Paper town is a fake town specifically used by cartographers in maps and is designed to detect plagiarism. The Author himself seems to be impressed by this curious phrase from his road trips.  In the book , the paper town alludes to consumerism and other such materialistic things, which are fake. The book, when released, received generally positive reviews.

Getting to the business end of this review,

Writing Style :- 4.8/5

Story : 4.9/5
Final Recommendation :- Must Read!

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Book Review- Paper Towns
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