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Author Services

There are many authors whose masterpieces do not see the light of the day. I extend my small helping hand to such authors. So, if you are an aspiring author and want to spread awareness about your book in general – just e-mail me a soft copy of your book and me/my team will gladly arrange a review for you.Oh, we also have dedicated groups on social media and will gladly spread a word about your book.

Every Author worth his salt will agree that on objective and unbiased review means the world to them.


Pleasantreads review process for New Authors

  1. Submit your book in a .pdf or a .mobi version
  2. I will review the book along with a small team – which I have gradually assembled over time.
  3. If the review is positive – your will receive a mail from me that the review will go on the website
  4. If the review is negative – you will get suggestions for improvement from me but the review itself will not go on the website – since I do not believe in negativity at all [ Writing is pro-active, reviewing is reactive, after all !]
  5. If you would like to do an interview – mail me a small bio about yourself, your body of work and social media handles, we will get back to you.
  6. Charges : @ prices starting from 250 INR for book reviews
  7. Manuscript Proof Reading charges – 3500 INR for a 50,000 page manuscript