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Management & Strategy are buzzwords which you can always find in an MBA graduate’s tool-kit or dictionary or whatever it is that he carries to work. While these may seem just buzzwords to you, for companies it defines how they do their business. Business Trends are changing continuously – the example of the Indian IT industry is fresh in our minds. There is talk of job loss to Automation tools. In such a scenario, the top honchos need to be a step ahead of the curve. It is your guess as well as mine as to who guides the top corporate bosses when the time comes for a, rethink.

There are books which claim to have a panacea for business leaders. These self-help books are available dime a dozen at the local bookstores. You know what I am talking about.

Then there are books – which are their value in gold and possess a wealth of information and are invaluable.

I did some research on these go-to books and compiled a list for your benefit. These books come heavily recommended by the business world.

Enjoy browsing and Pleasant Reading!

  1. The Art of War by Sun Tzu:- This list will be incomplete without this legendary book. The art of war is an ancient chinese military treatise and consists of 13 chapters. Each of the chapter is dedicated to military tactics and warfare. Over the centuries, it has had a profound influence on Western Military and business tactics. The book heavily influenced American General Norman Schwarzkopf and the Chinese leader Mao Zedong.

2.Blue Ocean Strategy :- Blue Ocean strategy was a book written in 2005 by two INSEAD professors. The book posits that it serves a company better if it creates a market where there is no competition instead of competing in a market which is already saturated. The book has examples of big corporations like Cirque Du Soleil, China Mobile, Home Depot which have been succesful in creating such blue oceans.

3.Radical Candor:Be a Kick Ass Boss  :- We are too familiar with the way we receive feedback from our boss or the difficulties we face when we have to give it ourselves to our subordinates. Kim Scott, former Director at Google shares her insights in this book. She suggests ways to give clear and honest feedbacks and in leading teams.

4.The Kim Kardashian Principle Jeetendr Sahdev is a self-styled celebrity branding expert. As per his website,” Jeetendr’s insight on celebrities, brands and the power of Youtube stars continue to make global headlines and has gained him influencer status and over a million subscribers on social media” . In this book, he explains why Kim Kardashian is so popular and why does she continue to thrive. This book is a guide to making our own ideas, products, and services break through and remain competitive in the market.

5.What To Do When Machines Do Everything  Malcolm Frank is the Executive Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Cognizant, a leading Indian IT firm.  So, when he wrote a book about how Automation is going to rule the digital age – you should sit up and take notice. As I was stating earlier, Business Leaders are going through a paradigm change today – brought on by new technology trends like Artificial Intelligence, Digital and Big Data. They need to stay on top of the curve or face extinction. This book can be viewed as a  strategic guide  and a collectible of  actionable steps to help  organizations move ahead in a fast changing world.

6.Total Focus : Brandon Webb is an ex-Navy Seal. Navy-Seals are elite warriors who have to deploy in situations where conventional warfare is of little use. Navy Seals are  extremely fit – physically and mentally. Their typical workplace is an environments which is dynamic and chaotic. Their survival depends on their ability to think through and decisiveness – much desired traits in an entrepreneur. In this book, Webb teaches us to make better decisions by emulating his peers and on the job learnings which he got from friends and business leaders.

7.The Power of Little Ideas Conventional Business Logic tells us that to sustain in the marketplace, companies need to practice some form of innovation. There is however another approach to this – which is low-risk  & high-rewarding. It consists of creating complementary innovations around your product that make it highly attractive to the market segment in which it operates.  Roberston illustrates the examples of companies like CarMax, GoPro, LEGO, Gatorade, Disney, USAA &Novo Nordisk who used this approach to their benefit.

8. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  This gem is still relevant today. Dr.Stephen Coveywrote this book in 1988 and since then, has sold more than 25 million copies world-wide. He details what he calls the,” True North” principles – and how one can be effective by aligning oneself to them. President Bill Clinton once invited Stephen Covey to integrate the book in his presidency.  Dr. Covey also rendered an edition for teenagers in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers

Each  book was selected for its uniqueness and the message it carries. Neeldess to say, it required extensive research on my part to prepare 😉

I sincerely hope you liked it. Please provide your contact details in the form to provide feedback – I would love to hear from you. If you liked it, please do share the article.

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Aniket is a Business Consultant by profession – however his love of books led him to this website, where he posts book reviews and also gets together with new Indian Authors. He can be reached on aniketsitm@gmail.com.

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8 Management must-read books in 2017. How many of these have you read?
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