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Social Media dominates our time and attention spans. As a result, reading  has moved to the back-foot. Idiotic activities rule the roost on social media – all in the name of seeking attention.

I remember, as a kid,[In the days of no/ dial-up internet] after a daily dose of Cricket, my dose of entertainment consisted of books like The Hardy Boys, The Three Investigators, countless Sidney Sheldons, Sherlock Holmes among others. It was a simple time, back then. [ Millenials – this was the time from the 90’s to early 2000s]

Indian Writing, though prolific, was not well appreciated and was pretty much restricted to the regional/state level. Indeed, it was not a very good time – if you were an Indian Author and well, you could be an unknown entity if you wrote in English.

Fast-forward to 2017 -the age of the social media and Information. While Social Media lends itself to narcissism and cringe-worthy moments, credit must also be given to it – for allowing talented people to bring their talent in front of the world. Today, I will talk about such talented Indians  who are rocking the world of books and story-telling.

1.Achyut Godbole : He writes primarily in Marathi but has also written some excellent books in English as well.  Achyut Godbole has written more than 20 books  about diverse topics ranging from books, history of painting as an art, Business Histories, Computers, Telecom… the list is endless.

Click this link to read books by Achyut Godbole

His Modus operandi is very simple – before writing any book, he reads more than 100 books on that topic and then proceeds to write an easy to understand, fun to read essay  – complete  with funny anecdotes. Easy, isn’t it? But, wait, this is not enough – He is an IIT alumnus, an erstwhile CEO of Indian Software companies and a modern day polymath.

                                                   Image Credit: Google Sites

2.Amrut Deshmukh: Amrut has kept the nation enthralled with his Make India read mission, where he reads a book every week and sends you a summary of the book either through Whats app or his Booklet app. Amrut is a Chartered Accountant by profession and  has devoted his time and energy to this noble cause.  This is an exemplary initiative and deserves a salute!Amrut deshmukh pleasant reads                                                     Image Credit : The Hindu

3. Ashwin Sanghi : Ashwin Sanghi is a writer in the thriller-fiction-fantasy genre and an   MBA from the prestigious Yale School of Management. Admiringly referred to as the Dan Brown of India, he has 3 best sellers to his credit.

Click this link to read books by Ashwin Sanghi

He even teamed up with the world-famous James Patterson to write an India centric Thriller-Private India.  Pleasant Reads - Ashwin Sanghi                                                  Image Credit: Wikipedia

4. Christopher C Doyle : This IIM Calcutta graduate runs a firm for training CEOs and CXOs- but soon discovered that his real passion lay elsewhere – fantasy fiction.

Click this link to read books by Christopher Doyle

                                Image Credit: www.christophercdoyle.com

5.Ravi Subramanian :  Ravi Subramanian is a banker by profession, an IIM Bangalore alumnus and the CEO of  a Non-banking Financial Company.
Click this link to read books by Ravi Subramanian

Pleasant Reads- Ravi S                                               Image Credit: alchetron.com

6. Surender Mohan Pathak : I would never have discovered this gem, had it not been for Crossword.   He was popular  when  Hindi Thrillers and Fiction books ruled. His works seemed to have lost in the sands of time.

Crosswords recently did an amazing thing and brought  some of his works to shelf again.Pleasant Reads - S Pathak

              Image Credit : www.smpathak.com
Click this link to read books bySurender Pathak

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These 6 Talented Indians are absolutely rocking the world of books and story-telling!

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