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It is always difficult to find an idea to write about when blogging. Sometimes, it’s downright impossible to find a topic you can relate with enough to spew out 300-500 words to create a decent article. Never fear, for here are five tips for you to find the way.

  1. Browse. See what everyone else is blogging about. Is it a topic that interests you? Could you elaborate on it? Gathering some details about the current trends will make it a piece of cake to find something to write about.
  2. Your opinions. After doing your browsing through the latest trends, does anything catch your interest? Anything you are passionate about and either support or loathe? The easiest way to find a topic to write is when it’s something you enjoy, support, or are against.
  3. Improvements. Something to think about while finding a topic to write about is this question: what am I improving by writing this? Are you guiding, informing, instructing, or entertaining? There are many reasons why you should write and plenty of different audiences to adhere to.
  4. New experiences. Getting out there and discovering new things for yourself is the best way to find inspiration to write. Review your experience and encourage others to try it. If you went somewhere that is saturated with history, do a couple of follow-up articles about it! Do weird or fun facts. Many ideas and articles can stem from just walking out your own front door and going somewhere new.
  5. Reach out. Ask what your readers would like to read. What questions do they have that you would be able to answer, either from experience or through some research? The best thing about taking this route is it lets your audience know their opinion matters and makes your articles more personable to them afterwards.

For those that may still need some help finding ideas to write about, here are some prompt and idea generators to get the creativity flowing.

Imagination Prompt – http://www.creativity-portal.com/prompts/imagination.prompt.html

Blog Post Ideas – http://www.buildyourownblog.net/the-blog-post-ideas-generator/

Blog Title Ideas – https://www.inboundnow.com/apps/kill-writers-block/

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5 Tips on How to Find an Idea for Blogging
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