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Pleasantreads Book review:Semmanthaka- The second Quest by Dr.Sydney Kishore

When I started reading Dr. Sydney Kishore’s, “Semmanthaka-The Second Quest” I did not know what to expect, frankly. I have read all sorts of treasure hunt related books and movies. National Treasure, starring Nicolas Cage is the best example. Bollywood also had a go at it, with two dastardly samples to its credit-  Rudraksh and […]

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8 Management must-read books in 2017. How many of these have you read?

Management & Strategy are buzzwords which you can always find in an MBA graduate’s tool-kit or dictionary or whatever it is that he carries to work. While these may seem just buzzwords to you, for companies it defines how they do their business. Business Trends are changing continuously – the example of the Indian IT […]

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