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 We all probably know Karna as Pankaj Dheer – the actor who essayed the role of this superhero in BR Chopra’s Mahabharata. As we know now, Karna was the eldest son of Kunti, before marriage.

How he was born makes  for  a very interesting story. Kunti had got a boon from Sage Durvasa, since she impressed him with her devotion to her, which allowed Kunti to invoke any god to bear her a child.

In a moment of weakness and curiosity, Kunti, chanted the mantras given to her by Sage Durvasa.

To her utter surprise, the boon worked and the Sun god blessed her with a healthy baby boy. Since societal norms dictated that a son could not be born out-of-wedlock, Kunti put the baby  in a basket and set it afloat in the river to its fate. (The baby was Karna and was raised as a Sut putra(The son of a charioteer)

Growing up, Karna faced rejection from Guru Dronacharya, even when he was a better student(IMHO) than Arjuna.

When the Kauravas and the Pandavas debuted in the Rangbhoomi to show their skills(The ones which they picked from Drona), Karna was not allowed to show case his talent.

Draupadi refused his hand in marriage, due to his so-called low birth. (Many of you would not know, but Karna was rejected immediately after this, again, by a princess, again, due to his low birth)

Finally, since Krishna knew that Arjuna will not be able to defeat Karna in a straight forward battle, he resorted to tricks to kill him.

I personally respect Karna, because he was unfazed, in spite of the obstacles in his life. However, he got back at lady luck  – History has been very kind to Karna. We all remember Karna not for his failures, but for his big heart (Daan Shoor) and his unparalleled valour.  Also, he got back at Arjun. Arjuna died before going to heaven – the reason was that Arjuna was arrogant and always looked down on Karna.  So here are 10 facts about Karna that no one told you :-

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  1. Karna was commonly also known as Radheya (राधेय) , but he was actually Kaunteya (कौन्तेय) – the son of Kunti.
  2. Karna had a younger brother named Shona (शोण) who is utterly devoted to him.
  3. Karna had a wife named Wrishali( वृषाली) who is also very devoted to him. She was also the daughter of a Charioteer.
  4.  Initially, Duryodhana had planned to marry Draupadi. So he asks Karna to shoot the fish in the eye.[ Draupadi was supposed to married in a Swayamwar and brave warriors from all lands were invited to take part in it. As a part of the competition the desirous warrior was supposed to shoot a a fish in its eye from an impossible angle] Duryodhana then would have asked Karna to offer Draupadi to himself.

    Karna – The Greatest Warrior
  5. Even though Karna is best friends with Duryodhana, he is against Duryodhana constantly scheming to kill the Pandavas. He believes that he is capable of killing the Pandavas in a fair fight [ some swag, eh?]
  6. Karna had a son named Sudaman[ सुदामन].  Sudaman is killed by Arjun in the heat of the moment – when Arjuna and Karna spar in Draupadi’s wedding.
  7. Karna is known as the Generous [ दानशुर].  He has taken a vow to abide by this even if it means going to extreme ends. Just before the Kurukshetra war is to begin, Indra goes to Karna and asks for his Kavach- Kundal.[ Natural Body Armour] Karna happily cuts it off and gives it to Indra, thus surrendering the advantage to Arjuna.
  8. Karna does not take part in the Kurukshetra war until Bheeshma has fallen. It is only when Arjuna kills Bheeshma, does Karna dives in.
  9. Kunti comes to Karna to beg him to not fight Arjuna in the war- Karna makes a startling promise to her – that she had five sons before the war and that she will have five sons even after the war – implying that he will either kill Arjuna or get slain himself by Arjuna.
  10. All of you might know that Karna is best friend with Duryodhana – but did you know that Karna and Ashwatthama were also very [ i mean very] good friends

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10 Amazing Facts about Karna which no one told you
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